WeChat plus friends do not know the practical skills

intends to play well this year, although WeChat, WeChat official recently made the big move, blocked a considerable number of individual large, also set a personal friend can’t worship over 10000 regulations, but still can not stop the enthusiasm, many WeChat. Anyone who wants to make more friends must have some kind of business purpose, whether you’re offering services or products, essentially business. Since it is a business, you have to have a population base, plus friends is not a small project, although Liu Xinyong really play WeChat only a few months time, from friends to start, but also summarizes some practical tips to add friends.

1, QQ

to QQ as a starting point, my earliest WeChat friends only more than 70, are my colleagues, friends, relatives, but I QQ many friends, so again and again sent request information, until through. Because the working relationship with many in the QQ group, also chat in the group, think of friends can also become WeChat QQ friends early in the group directly, the effect is too poor, then a fool with friends, and then through the import of WeChat. (key: QQ group can be added to more accurate friends; the best name or signature QQ group is relatively simple; in the group chat, let more people see your application, the name to send a friend to have a test can do: XX +QQ

group signature)

2, micro group

through the 1 skills can continue to bring you micro friends, friends micro micro friends group will have, in the micro friends group in the same way, bubbling, also mix a familiar face, but the individual is not recommended: bubble of a facial expression, a ridiculous words, what chicken soup and so on this is why, I believe the play WeChat people understand the truth. 35 days later one by one with friends, main points: the need to verify the same format: XX + WeChat group, one of the best separated, such as my XX group, Liu Xinyong, the purpose is to let the other side glance assured by you; not what friends are added, the best time to look at each other’s album, name, too the best commercial advertising, too no, I also realized this kind of late, WeChat just love violence scraper, advertising. Moreover, no set of verification, plus friends must send a message, let him reply to you in the past, otherwise, you can see his share, and he can not see you.

3, push each other

with two of the execution of your friends in a month easy 1K is a very simple matter, you may consider doing push each other, push each other with two points: a large push, but early you often have with these people interaction, let people know you, on how to cross the move to sell yourself see personal skill, once he would do a recommended benefit for you will be a lot of, a few dozens, many hundreds, hundreds, I have experienced only to find firewood son and salty uncle do two times with more than 100 friends; second points is pushing information editor, this is very important, WeChat.