Talking about the operation of WeChat public account

with WeChat’s growing fire, many business owners often can not afford to live, and then have to get a WeChat public number to be a whole. However, especially some just to get involved in the public, WeChat enterprises still have a basic understanding of WeChat public number, thinking about how to do WeChat public accounts, led to the emergence of such problems in the process of operation of WeChat public number, at the end of the WeChat public lost confidence. WeChat public account operations, in fact, there are relevant rules and methods to follow, grasp the focus of operations, you can do more and more get started.

first, "content is king" in WeChat public account operation is also applicable. No matter what kind of Internet products, content is always the top priority. If the WeChat public number can not provide quality content, the fans concerned will not open again after opening second times, over time, the WeChat public account will be no vitality. Therefore, the WeChat public number also exists the rule of survival of the fittest, who can create more valuable content, who will be able to go further in the operation, but also attract fans attention.

secondly, interactive play is also an important factor in WeChat’s public account operation. Now mobile phone users in addition to the information provided by the public account, there is a higher experience requirements, if you can increase in WeChat public accounts related interactive functions, you can greatly enhance the activity of fans. The WeChat public account with creative interactive gameplay attracts fans more attention. For example, there is a running local life service related WeChat public account, in the public account into the local tourism map, local line activities, local customs and traditions related to the interactive link, when the user has to pay more attention to the public account can instantly feel the fun. For example, Durex has developed a APP two mobile phone friction can produce children to advertise their products, so WeChat in the public number, if the function is integrated into it, that this is a kind of creative play.

third, "on line and offline" activities can make WeChat public number more and more popular. Most of the time, WeChat public are exposed to online publicity, fans are often the network content, to carry out the relevant line activities to promote public account, hold related theme activities, can let the fans agree more on the public accounts, public accounts of WeChat will be more realistic, the scope of its fans it is not limited to the line, the line of fans will be gradually increased, so that WeChat can continue to expand the number of public line visibility.

in addition, "technological innovation" can make WeChat public number more perfect. At present, many APP developers are turning to WeChat development. The application of WeChat is also more and more interesting games, utilities, and other auxiliary plug-in can be integrated in the WeChat public number, it can be said that APP, WeChat can be integrated, so WeChat public number operators should pay attention to the development of WeChat applications, technical innovation, combined with their own situation no, "