We still insist on the guest, it is necessary to look at this

imperceptibly Tao has been 5 years, although the time is not very long, but enough to write a summary. To tell the truth I do Tao started late, is not a good time to catch up, until today, has not made what results but on the shaking heaven and earth, some satisfied with their own income but also can do.

for the guest, surrounding the old many friends have given up, the reason is very simple, less money consuming energy, but can not say, said single business process, the guest is really suitable for many workers, so the guest can do


can do, but need thinking. Everyone in the Internet gold rush, really do not see their choices based on the opinions of others, because the market is eighty percent muffled money, they won’t tell you what a good industry to make money, that is to say we both choose what field attack, autonomous learning is very important. Amoy is shrunk, but you want to make achievements, way more than difficult.

(two) now the Tao development has entered a new stage, the value of investment is something we can’t ignore. After all, now that customers have been shopping enough, simple commodity recommendations don’t work, let alone 9 – 9 discount groups. Here I suggest you choose a medium, through the long-term value of the input to obtain precise fans, such as we all know the dress, of her success, is actually a long-term content input gain enough exposure, the website is a webmaster can do, but how to perfect cut into products in, we still need to consider.

(three) in addition to value input, it is also important to identify the timing differences. Before a double eleven popular discount list details, this is actually a collection of integrated guest link made form, the technical difficulty is approximately equal to zero, but let a guest day make a million is not a dream, because it is playing time difference. When you think about business and bring time and convenience for others, your value will come naturally. Of course, more than just the idea of case verification, according to this thinking goes there are a lot of methods can be used to obtain goods such as advance discount information, bidding for orders, and then draw the profit difference method and so on, many not elaborate.

(four) now operating Amoy is becoming increasingly difficult, whether it is Baidu or Ali, the guest is to strictly enforce discipline, without any feelings, so this time you must think, how can really reduce the risk, I would like to cooperate with businesses is a very good choice. A guest Master using its influence and long-term business cooperation reached a cooperation intention, by Master led Tao project, autonomous control commission ratio, seeking third party guest promotion, so as to get the project is also very good to avoid the risk, this is a lot of Amoy Master more choice.

(five) text is made summing up the most, there is no need to look after you.