The course of a ten year old netizen doing a movie station

Last week

2008, unemployment soon I seem to have found a re employment opportunities, do! Although I began to contact the computer from the age of 286, but to do or not to mention utterly ignorant of, those with what programming language. The computer, for me, is a combination of game consoles, television, newspapers and movie theaters.

unemployed every day after eating the Internet, tired of sleep. Go round and begin again。 People feel more and more decadent. One day, accidentally opened the ADMIN5, saw some webmaster successful experience. In the evening series, the heroine told the hero, "do, something, is, better, than, nothing, to, do.". Let me down on the determination to make a website.

web site, and then go online to search how to do, how to do? How to do? See 100 article, draw a conclusion that the first site of personal webmaster do best is his hobby, if not, it may not keep updating. I am still doing it? The movie station, even without my movie station watching movies, I can own up and see. Anyway, I have developed the habit of sleeping after watching TVB’s soap operas that day.

movie station, movie resource station, oh, selling knots, I can’t do it! MS, I can only do link stations. Pick the target and start the website, and download the Dreamweaver and FrontPage in a hurry. Open the movie station every day before, save the file as. A week passed, copy, mend. An ugly website prototype was born, to less than half an hour, and fell into a loss, I want to update a page after the reform? Into resource a hyperlink entry? One minute of 3 links, twenty thousand film resource estimates are 150 thousand video links. 15 to five, twice five is equal to ten. Pinch your fingers. Update 10 hours a day and update for 168 days. Looking at the numbers, appeared in front of me as if wearing a black bud silk stockings the long legged girl, charming guy said to me, either? Free! When I promise, that can be miles miles Meimei bababian! Became the domestic 007 regent hotel chains with nostril fake aunt.

give up, are dreaming how back 10 years ago, if I learn about the computer, instead of playing computer that! See a link to Baidu suddenly on the original site now can have a shortcut! People immediately the spirit up, Marx video station system into the bokeCC forum to see some! Data. As if ready to be drowned by the water ants climbed the life-saving straw as excited. I bought space and domain name that night.

persisted, studied for several days, in January 6, 2009, a video station finally put on the line. Update, insist on updating every day, time has passed, the first day of 11IP, second days 11IP, insist on updating! Third days 12IP, stick to I>!