Should the stationmaster live at the foot of the search engine

for this problem. I think for a long time, we are away from the search engine is not retreat? If so, I would rather not do, hard to do out of the station, hard every day to write the original topic, do we really have no other option? My Baidu K station is the third day, I still struggling, because I believe that one day there will be a different result, and a few days ago, this is a long time ago, all two or three days out, I think there are many webmaster have the same feeling with me, our station is for users, not for search engines do we have now changed the marketing mode of thinking, change the user experience value, so we do the webmaster, to establish a real value for the user to consider, should not live in the foot of search engine.

webmaster is the founder of Internet, why would you treat a webmaster occupation, why is this happening? Search engine left the webmaster can get what it? What is it worth to search for stationmaster is the Internet’s parents, parents can also leave their sense of survival? Maybe now search the engine has forgotten the past walking pace, is now growing, we should take the surgery surgery? Terrible consequences.

Although the career of

stationmaster has decided our road, but the job of stationmaster still hasn’t decided how should we do? Leave a platform, we still can live very well, that is the spirit of stationmaster profession. Here, I do not vent my heart on the search engine anger, is to discuss with the vast number of webmaster how to break the search engine for our webmaster implementation of the encirclement. Thank you for giving me the rule of survival, thank you for your professional job of creating value. COIUA webmaster is willing to do deep communication with you webmaster QQ:782722181