Unexpected harvest

found out today that my website, Google’s website for business start-up labs (www.kh505.cn), was rated at 2, and it was a surprise, of course, to be happy. Because self questioning has not spent much effort on the website, nor has it been optimized.

originally, I built the website the purpose is to practice, understood some mentioned website establishment aspect knowledge. Everybody knows, knows, knows, writes much, does little. If you want to make use of his knowledge, you must do it yourself.

The purpose of the

website itself is to create an accumulation of raw knowledge and skills for entrepreneurial practice. It’s called the "business creation laboratory"". But there’s not much energy left on this point. Recently, due to something that happened, my thought change was very violent. I quit my job and didn’t go looking for a new job. I understand. The job I’m quitting is going to be my last job. From now on, I’m part of the startup.

so I’ll be watching the website more often. I put myself in the experience of feelings and experiences of work period recorded, encourage with wide entrepreneurship and for entrepreneurs.

the core of my effort is that I have accumulated considerable expertise in entrepreneurship. Of course, the theory is, I now entrepreneurship, practice starting point is "0", 6 months later, I hope to achieve height is able to "see" side can use the project.