SNS website user preservation skills, timely introduction of new SNS applications

With the popularity of

SNS site, how to stick to their own users, has become more and more SNS site owners concern. At present, most of the vertical segments of the social networking site Comsenz (Comsenz) launched UCenter Home (UCHome) is built, and the third party application through a large number of outstanding roaming (Manyou) integrated open platform and UCenter Home website closely, become a part of the SNS site will not be less. To attract users to participate through the increased SNS application, a good way to SNS users.

although users can now access these latest applications in the foreground application directory, users are often accustomed to moving on familiar applications that have been installed. By setting the default application recommended in the webmaster website background, the new application is recommended to the user in front, you can quickly let users find fun and value of new applications, users achieve the preservation effect of the application through the wonderful change rapidly.

for the webmaster, the third party application function is how to achieve the webmaster does not need to know too much, it is important how to combine the characteristics of the site, send new application promotion to the user, in order to achieve an unexpected promotion effect. For example, has launched the "dog" in the application of roaming open platform, has great user stickiness, the application at the beginning of the line, right now, recommend users per adopt a dog, it will leave a large number of active users.

official UCenter Home roaming platform considering complex server environment, installation server computing power, storage capacity limit open, UCenter / Home data access server by pressure etc., especially to optimize the API interface, to meet the needs of the third party application, the third party application developers to as much as possible by speed. Therefore, more and more application developers have joined the development of roaming applications, and some new and interesting applications have been emerging on the roaming open platform.


New applications in

application directory continue on-line


lovely dog

roaming through the open platform, third party applications can be closely integrated with the UCenter Home site, for users, in access to a variety of different types of UCenter Home website (such as stock SNS, SNS, SNS University, SNS, etc.) will feel these applications are running on their websites, to achieve the seamless application the effect can be obtained using very good experience.