The pain of blogging websites

"Ye Dehua’s blog" which has been established for 6 months, although the blog operation was not successful, but through the 6 months of exercise and the accumulation of experience, Ye Dehua on the personal blog site site forms also have a certain view. The blog site has always been to "small and live" is the webmaster and Internet users favorite, here would like to mention is the owners tend to self independent blog (with independent domain name and server), and the application in the major platform free blog is often used in the construction of the chain; of course, the vast majority of blogs on the Internet all in the blog platform for free blog, because free blog created without investing any cost and management, it has become the most popular form of blog.

blog site is "small and live", "small" in that it has no information portal station is huge, both in the content structure, even in the operation of the site management team, these are all showed that the blog site of the "small" of this property; in addition, the blog site also has great flexibility, in the news station, its contents are often the form of press releases, subjective factors such articles are often not with the author, the purpose of this article is just to give the reader a transfer of information, the information website article is difficult to resonate with readers. The blog is not so often, blog site managers (called bloggers) is an expert or fans, bloggers are willing to share their knowledge and interest in the blog, make more friends, often read blog friends should know that the content of the blog website prefer "vernacular", sometimes in the first person, but also involved is often the blogger’s real experience, so this article is very easy to produce in the reader response, which is one of the advantages of blog website.

in this article, Ye Dehua wants to talk about some of the disadvantages of blogging websites, which are painful for bloggers.

(1) topic localization pain,

, a friend of the reader has contacted me through a blog these days, saying he wants to build an independent blog, and I hope I can get the help I can do. I think this blog program is still relatively easy to solve, there are a variety of open source blog website source code on the Internet, there are massive templates to choose from, so the most headache I think it should be the theme positioning. On Ye Dehua’s blog, in this short period of 6 months, Ye Dehua’s blog has replaced Theme 3 times, although each location is in favor of the Internet, but the details have been changed. But I hope everyone in the pre positioning do not change frequently, rather than the site before spending a lot of time to think about the localization strategy, not only began to frequent change after rough built website, which will make people feel that this website is an untrustworthy website, also can let a person feel the site operation and management team work attitude is not good. Of course, from the point of view of the search engine, >