Outstanding personal website should grasp these several degrees

1 content amiable, but should have their own insistence and social responsibility, what is content easy-going, here refers to close to the user’s life, users love to see, love is good, but also have a range. Many websites know that men like to look at flowers, and use a touch ball to put up pictures or texts that are almost flesh colored but not revealing. Seductive to raise, but the site has changed, traffic is up, but the grade is down. Content easy to mess up the site does not necessarily give the user a sense of security ~

2 serious, but not too official website, of course, serious, authoritative, reliable enough information, so that users can have a sense of trust. But if the authorities have to let users have a sense of distance, I feel that this is not the real society I live in, and how to increase the user’s viscosity and intimacy between sites

3 user pain, but not of course a spoiled website user, otherwise he doing in your registration, your personal information will tell you everything! But if the patient just because he is your VIP user what his articles are recommended to the home page, then the level will be on the front page of the overall decline, of course the development will affect the site! So, can’t let the user to run wild, rewards and punishments.

4 to help users progress, but must be meaningful and of course website   to help their users, as long as there is a sense of why he wanted, you should try to make him! He is famous, according to him in the field of professional or good, recommended him to use your channel (by no known allergy. ) if she wants money, she can help him with a joint advertiser or demand; he wants to play and just recommend him the exact amount of information he needs (don’t let him search too hard).

, write these 4 for the time being,

users will say: "Oh ~ I know if you


site will say: "Kao! And the horse running, and the horse does not eat grass, you do the site to try!"

(PS: "you want the horse to run, but not let it graze" originated from the worship of the most high school math teacher Wood Liang’s words, not only describes the mathematical problem properly, after a few years, explain many problems are just down the benefits, of interest in mathematics at that time is a climax, saying it to ~


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