Why low educated entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed

is also a venture, some people with high academic qualifications, while others have low academic qualifications, if you choose, which one do you think is more likely to succeed? In the current market, it is generally believed that low education entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed. So, why low educated entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed, because they desire to succeed than anyone else, and be able to endure hardship, withstand the blow, the more important is that they are very sensitive to the market demand!

in accordance with our understanding of educational thinking: A if the results than B good. So, A is better than B. This kind of competitive thinking does not explain some of the real social phenomena: why do people with low education become billionaires?

screening results through the examination of the people, basically can prove that their own quality is good. But this is not the logic of economic and social functioning. The logic of economic and social functioning is to profit from the exchange of goods or value to others.

will read the book, through layers of selection, eventually accounted for a successful enterprise inside the position of an executive. He gets his own reward through the profits of the enterprise. He must be very capable. But a less people will be reading, also has the potential to create a successful business: he may not remember something on the books, but there is likely to be very sensitive to the market, what people need, what the market needs, he will go to do what.

all he thinks about is how to make money. Self interested motives, always make people very keen on market demand, he found the interests of others, they find their own interests.

he doesn’t know much about himself, but he knows who knows what he needs right now. Then, no matter 37 or twenty-one, gather them together. Not as good as others in the profession, but in the understanding and control of the entire system, he may have a lot of comparative advantage.

is more important, there may be outstanding students at University in love, learn to walk, they have failed many times to gray. When the excellent students began to look for work on the street to run around, the poor in the past, has been successful. Then they began to recruit top students to work for them.

just as not all people with low education are likely to succeed, and those with high education will be unsuccessful. Education is a kind of experience, not a. Reading is not necessarily an advantage, not reading is not necessarily a disadvantage.

life has shown us the objective reality of College Reading:

1, a lot of people can go to college.

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