Most of the birth of female entrepreneurs is due to gender discrimination in employment

is now more and more women entrepreneurial talent shows itself some of them, because the hearts of entrepreneurial ambition and ideal choice, but there is also a part of female entrepreneurs have to choose entrepreneurship, because in the job market, they suffered sex discrimination.

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3 hours waiting for a "only recruit male"

repeatedly encountered this situation, Qingyuan Polytechnic computer professional senior girl Kobayashi felt helpless. "Computer personnel are generally only men, and some senior technical staff will generally be a priority for men." She was distressed to ask reporters: "these girls can work well, why must a boy?"

"society and employers tend to female biased, think girls talking about business, travel and other aspects are weaker than the boys, so even if our outstanding ability, companies are reluctant to recruit girls." Kobayashi believes that as long as the same opportunities for girls, girls will do very well. Only recruit men directly kill the girls’ opportunities and rights.

coincidentally, just graduated from Hainan University, Xiao Guan also suffered a similar situation. It is understood that, in order to catch up with a new round of recruitment, specially small day in advance to Guangzhou just to the early morning of the second day to the fair. However, the recruitment experience let off more chilling.

"I was the candidate of the Qingyuan Petrochemical Company, but the interviewer head is saying" we only recruit male "." Noting that encounter, still a little excited xiaoguan. Sinopec as a large state-owned enterprises by graduates of love in the queue after 3 hours of waiting has been so small words, reluctantly said: "I’d rather they that do not recruit girls on the job posting, at least I don’t have to row the 3 hours of the team."

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