How about opening a barbecue buffet

talk about barbecue, many people have appetite, and look forward to a big meal, it is because of such a market demand, so many people want to start a business barbecue shop. So, how about opening a buffet? Let me see small series of.

market analysis: a comprehensive overview of China’s food and beverage market, we can see that the development of the industry to maintain a high level, the increase is relatively stable. Overall, this is a period of transition from traditional dining to modern dining. Operating characteristics in the increasingly obvious, the development of individual stores more rapidly. Barbecue is very familiar to us, the most common, the most popular is to roast lamb string.

in the street, often appear this kind of circumstance, some have already satiated, but once Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer smell the smell, also need to be tempted to eat a few strings, a sinseong hoe. Thus, the industry can be enduring. How about opening a barbecue? In recent years, such as North Korea barbecue, California barbecue and other foreign flavor has been flooding into the country, and is winning people’s favor.

business features: open a self-service barbecue shop? Barbecue can be both indoors and outdoors. The biggest advantage of the outdoor business is that you can choose the most prosperous and lively place to set up the booth. But the outdoor business also has its drawbacks: first, barbecue equipment and meat handling more trouble. Second, eat barbecue and unsanitary streets in the downtown area. Third, vulnerable to the impact of the weather. While operating in the indoor barbecue can make up for the defects.

how about opening a barbecue? Although many of the shops operating barbecue, but not without potential to dig. The barbecue is very large. Of course, which friends really want to join this industry, in addition to the choice of the location of the store, interior decoration and other aspects of the effort, the more important thing is to add a little fun.

for example, you can cut the beef, lamb, pork, chicken and other conditioning, according to a certain number of disk, and then by the customer to do, will win the customer’s favorite. Many people love yourself, if you can provide a can sinseong hoe, and can learn the craft places, is probably very attractive.

such a characteristic barbecue buffet in the operation must pay attention to three characteristics, one is able to attract customers. For example, in the shop decoration and construction, the use of transparent glass enclosed in a glass box in the street filled with a box of fragrant food, etc..

two is able to retain customers. Through its own unique flavor and good service attitude, reasonable price, will retain the guests. Customers often worry about a good taste, but after the meal, will inadvertently be a knife. In this regard, the self-service barbecue shop in the store marked the wall marked the price of all dishes marked price