Watsons’s road to success

entrepreneurial road is not all smooth sailing, not all is a trick to win, more time, the road is full of difficulties and frustrations. So how to avoid detours better venture? As we look at those examples of success, today Xiaobian for you to take the road to success Watsons!

product strategy target consumer groups

(four) on the marketing strategy of the target consumer groups

1, featured services

each Watsons personal care stores are clearly divided into different sales area, the goods be arranged neatly, convenient for customers to choose, in store display information; Express "easy" skin care and other personal care information manual, to provide free consulting various skin care; drug counter "health information display friend" provides a variety of nutrition and health care the distribution and disease prevention and treatment; actively implement the strategy of the retail industry advanced management system, improve the efficiency of order and delivery……

2, professional guidance

for female consumer groups in the high-end professional service.