Three Glutinous Rice Balls and its founder Chen Zemin.

today, you can see three Glutinous Rice Balls figure in the super frozen cabinet, and three dozen frozen dumplings series, because of good taste very popular, let Xiaobian take you to see the full story.

50 years old when he resigned from the vice president, provincial capital city hospital office, riding on a tricycle from the sale of homemade frozen Glutinous Rice Balls, now 63 years old, he has become the founder of the world recognized Chinese frozen food enterprises with annual sales of nearly 2 billion yuan. This person is Zhengzhou Sanquan food company head — Chen Zemin.

together to see Chen Zemin entrepreneurial story

juvenile temper accumulated wealth of life

"a person in the early childhood, the youth of the temper, is his life’s most precious wealth." Chen Zemin said, "when I was a child work study and the hard work of youth, I created the character is not afraid to endure hardship, and I deeply understand that: only through labor, in order to create wealth."

Chen Zemin was 3 years old to carry on for the artillery expert’s father lived a life, traveled around the country. Since childhood, Chen Zemin took advantage of his spare time. At the age of 10, and the students went to the cinema, the theatre, picking up cigarette butts, waste money, support the "war".

junior high school, the school to promote work study program, Chen Zemin learned a haircut. Weekend, he was carrying a bag with a haircut tool, to the countryside to farmers barber. He and students go out to play coolie, he did all the bricklayers and stevedores. Looking for a job, training his ability to contact the business, through labor, he learned skills.

innovation interest determines the success of

Chen Zemin was a radio enthusiast since he was a child. From the ore radio to the vacuum tube radio, and later to the semiconductor radio and television sets, recorders, video recorders, he can assemble and repair.

high school, he uses the principle of the hair clipper, help the farmers made a harvester model.

1965, Chen Zemin graduated from medical school, the initiative to work in Sichuan. In the work also made a lot of inventions, but also as a "science and technology pacesetter".

1979, Chen Zemin transferred to the Fifth People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou. At that time, the unit has a value of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but was flooded after the retirement of large X machine, Chen Zemin just take advantage of a few weeks of spare time to open it repaired. He even modeled on a Japanese washing machine at the Beijing exhibition, which made the first recommendation of Zhengzhou