Wanzai County of Jiangxi province the return of migrant workers up to 2150 people

in the local government’s guidance and help, the return of migrant workers in Yichun city of Wanzai County found a rich new shortcut. Do not have to leave their homes to find opportunities to work, the door will be able to start a business to get rich.

Wanzai County of Yichun city of Jiangxi province

the county to promote the return of migrant workers, with preferential policies and service measures, integration policy, land, forest land, capital and technology resources, strive to build a business service platform. Has introduced the migrant workers entrepreneurship support policies, take the replacement property, lease contract, cooperative shares, dividend income, contract, certification and other measures in the agricultural development, promote land and forest land; in the bid for the business license to do   "a window in the fix; venture capital support, microfinance the loan simplify examination and approval procedures, to provide" one-stop "services; technical service in the production management, the order training, field training, expert guidance of  " 1+2 "training mode, promote the return of migrant workers is the level of economic management and technical ability.

the county line Tanzhen Shiling village Tang Chungeng, ended up working outside 12 years ago, the hardships of life, returned home business, has invested about 800000 yuan, to 500 yuan / mu rent in the village to lease 125 acres of farmland, planting chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum processing products, with an annual output of 10 thousand and 200 kilograms, the income from about 3500000 yuan. Products are exported to Guangdong, Fujian and other places. At the same time arranged more than 50 local migrant workers employment, annual per capita income of 15 thousand and 200 yuan. Circle on the chrysanthemum entrepreneurial dream.

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