Master face to focus on pasta pasta thirty years

said, people tend to pasta with the high calorie food hanging hook, if things go on like this and even the formation of a concept, eating pasta is not healthy. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of it. Northerners talked about staple food, the first place in the face, no matter how diverse dishes, and finally people are always accustomed to eat a face, so that it is considered a meal, so how can not be healthy pasta. Pasta is generally made of flour, not only to provide people with the body’s heat, but also affect the Chinese people’s feelings of the seasons, to bring people a variety of life.

Shanxi master chef to come to Hong Kong Food Chain Co., Ltd. since its inception, focusing on pasta in Shanxi, thirty years for only one face". Pay attention to the study and protection of intellectual property, as of now has registered trademarks and patents nearly 30, launched its "master Yue", "sweet", "Shang Tang", "scissors", "shear incense" and other excellent brands, among the best in the domestic food chain brand, with Shanxi characteristics scissors after innovation based on the collocation of Shanxi traditional food grains, with high quality, delicious, healthy and delicious good reputation, has become the leading domestic leading brand of wheaten food.

since the first "Yue master face Hong" chain stores available, the company is committed to meet the different needs of mass consumers, at the same time, continuous innovation based on inheritance of Shanxi traditional food culture, market highly popular and respected, won the 2007 "Chinese national catering industry technology innovation award" and "Chinese National Science and Technology Progress Award", 2014 "Yue master seasoning" won the "best Chinese public good taste of soup", in 2015 won the "Chinese ten pasta brand", "China most valuable brand" award.

Yue master to incense in the catering business development, continue to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture of Shanxi pasta and continuous innovation, Shanxi innovation characteristics of Shanxi traditional pasta, scissors. Shanxi is committed to the traditional pasta culture to the country, pushed to the hearts of consumers.