How to select the shop address skills to share

where a shop location, which can almost determine whether an entrepreneur will succeed in the future. So there are many tips on how to select the address of the shop, and today we share some important experience.

The relationship between

shops rent and profit rate

in the garment industry as an example, the site costs accounted for the total cost of the 1/5 to 1/4 a 10 square meters of clothing shop, if the average unit price of 100 yuan, the weekly shipments of about 30, so the daily turnover of 430 yuan, about four months of the year of the off-season turnover fold, the corresponding unit turnover of 36 yuan / m2 / day. In accordance with the 1/5 site cost calculation, store rent is less than or equal to 7.2 yuan / square meter / day is more appropriate. If more than this range, the level of profit will decline significantly. Of course, there is no consideration around the flow of people, consumption habits, municipal planning and other factors.

shops surrounding the flow of people and preference relation

select around the large flow of people in the shops, seems to be all the entrepreneurs choose to shop when opponents, but need to pay attention to two points: one is the surrounding area, the large flow of people does not mean that the traffic you shop; two is the surrounding area, the flow of people, does not mean you can shop keep the guests.

The relationship between


because, in the shop area, there is a similar middleman landlord nature of the investment crowd, is the transfer of shops, originally rental shops may only need forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan / year, but after their speculation, may have reached more than ten million yuan / year, or even hundreds of thousands of yuan / year. The so-called suitable for the operation of a business shop, more of these investors are fabricated. So the higher the rate of sublet shops, entrepreneurs to be careful, because it might have been speculation hands down several times, the value of the stores and rental prices differ very far, not worth the lease.

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