How to seize the business opportunities behind the small business

a lot of small capital venture behind the project, often contains a huge business opportunities, how to seize the small business opportunities behind it? Looking for business opportunities to make money is not necessarily all in the field of big and hard, some seemingly small and soft industry projects are still hiding amazing wealth.

the candle is small, but there is a production of candle business a year earned 500 million yuan, its export leading products – foreign exchange net profit 3 little candles created by the equivalent of Haier export a big TV net, it is Qingdao king group. King is just a small workshop in entrepreneurship, assets of less than 20 thousand yuan, the main production of glass products. A chance, "the king" the boss found a customer bought his glass, and buy Candles from elsewhere — from supporting sales, he saw a lucrative big business, the development of new products "is quite different from the traditional candle, jelly candle". "The burning time of jelly candle" is 20 times that of ordinary candles, and tasteless, non-toxic, no pollution, and the process of glass packaging after a dozen red exquisitely carved, run. Later, the introduction of crystal clear crystal candle, with time, temperature change Magic Candle in the international market to win a large single. Since then, the king and WAL-MART, Metro, Carrefour and other large companies to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.