Take 6 pounds for master of Polygonum multiflorum died of liver failure caused by hair loss

Anhui a male master for the treatment of hair loss, treated in hospitals, in the service of 6 pounds due to liver failure and Polygonum multiflorum causing death. At present, various hospitals have said their prescription no problem, unwilling to take responsibility.

failed to save his life

8 26, Cui Fei to eat for twenty-second days, before the employment was diagnosed liver injury.   September 1st, to Safety First Affiliated Hospital were diagnosed with drug-induced liver injury. In November 13th, because of illness, Cui Fei was transferred to the domestic authority of the Beijing Liberation Army No.302 Hospital, the hospital is the final diagnosis of drug-induced liver failure".

12 31 am on the morning of 4, Cui Fei was seriously ill. In order to save Choi Choi, Choi family debt nearly one million yuan. After Cui Fei’s death, one family cannot withstand the attack, only tears every day.

of Polygonum multiflorum