Tangshan women’s entrepreneurship Innovation Alliance

The power of

team cooperation is infinite, and it can effectively realize the optimal allocation of resources. In the entrepreneurial market slightly disadvantaged women create a greater need for joint forces, to create a new sky for women entrepreneurs.

"very honored to become a member of the Tangshan women’s entrepreneurship innovation alliance, thanks to the Municipal Women’s Federation to build a innovative, collaborative development platform for us, as a woman, I will be in the League under the guidance and assistance, to fully absorb the positive energy of development, the project bigger and stronger." At the inaugural meeting held recently in Tangshan women’s entrepreneurship and innovation action plan to start cum female entrepreneurial innovation alliance, as Primula e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd alliance Yan will joy unspeakable.

to implement the National Women’s Federation of Hebei Province, women’s entrepreneurship and innovation on the deployment of action plans, Tangshan City women’s Federation will integrate the existing resources to "Internet plus" thinking, to create a good atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship for the majority of the city’s women, by the end of 2017, formed a set of organizations, policy guidance, demonstration and guidance, counseling, training, project incubation the market docking "in one of the online and offline interaction of  " Internet plus women’s business innovation service system, mainly for the cultivation of female entrepreneurs service women’s public record of 11, women lead to create SME 80, fostering the growth of various types of women at or above the county level demonstration base 500, 260 thousand women participate in various development and innovation ability training, driven by 12 thousand women in employment and entrepreneurship, innovation and development.

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