Qinghe cashmere sweater connecting entrepreneurs of different ages

entrepreneurship has never been a simple thing, it takes years or even decades of persistence. In Qinghe, a cashmere sweater in the hands of the four generation of entrepreneurs, has grown into a local characteristics of the industry, there is a huge potential for wealth.

: forerunner of pathos and glory at

11 20, Song Yongheng, aged 63, from the inside to open the lock of the East Gate Group, the reporter entered. The door of the scene has become obsolete, but was still in the rockery, antique style small pavilion and a dusty but lively stone goat, revealed this is out of view once flourishing factory.


Song Yongheng Qinghe cashmere is representative of the first generation of entrepreneurs, the size of the eastern high group is one of the largest enterprises of the same period. According to him, at that time often meet with the exchange of peers have nearly 20, adhere to the normal operation is now almost no less than." However, they pioneered the production