Ali all cash acquisition Youku potatoes and Suning to break PPTV

video industry gradually declined, the industry is in urgent need of reshuffle, electricity supplier giants have begun to act. Ali’s pace of development does not stop, marry potatoes and Youku, Suning announced that the PPTV will be stripped out of the listed company.

here also buried a foreshadowing for the future development of the business, the probability of Ali Youku potatoes offer will be successful, so Suning as the second largest shareholder of the Alibaba also has a video company, which does not comply with the shareholders of domestic listed companies shall not have competition, so the PPTV from the listed company stripped out, but also to avoid the domestic competition rules.

two reasons: PPTV long-term losses, listed companies burden

In addition to providing

three reasons: PPTV alone can go financing


however, PPTV’s video industry competition intensified and the loss of the whole industry has become a common phenomenon. In order to enhance the video user experience, the future PPTV also need to increase investment in copyright, CDN and other aspects of the need to continue financing through a variety of ways.

four reasons: in order to let Su ningyun retail business with

this reason and second seemingly similar, actually very different. War recommended