Shop four steps you mastered it

set up their own boss, is the choice of many people. Their own work, make a lot of money, time is free. So, what are the requirements? Below, we briefly describe four brief survey steps:


when data collection is finished, must be edited, check whether there is error of survey data. The errors may be statistical errors, inappropriate design of the conflict, the bias of the visitors, and the questions of the respondents. In the collation of data, we should remove the wrong information, and then the rest of the data classification statistics, and finally draw conclusions. Through the analysis of the data, decide whether to open a shop, where to open a shop, when to open a shop, etc..

four steps above is a brief step is general steps. If there are any special circumstances in the investigation, repeat or add some steps. In the survey, but also to choose the right method of investigation. There are a lot of methods of field investigation, including inquiry, observation, experiment and interview.


in shop, and find a good place to meet the requirements of several shops, to investigate the competitor’s store location, which will.