Let the force – Sophia wedding planning Gu Sen find entrepreneurial orientation

everyone has entrepreneurial heart, but often lost in the direction of the road. In the era of entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, entrepreneurs need to recognize the goal, to find their own suitable entrepreneurial projects, clear direction, forward.


2014 in August, · received a force regardless of a friend; Sen wanted to marry, choosing to have been unable to find a satisfactory wedding planning company, friends will own distress to love, help more ideas regardless of force Fiat · Sen, hoping to seek help. "At that time, my friend also mentioned that I could be her wedding planner, because she was a student of music, so I wanted to give her a piano theme to make her unforgettable wedding." Gu · Sen said Fatima force.

"originally I try to support in the field of family, also began to oppose all." Regardless of force Fiat · Sen helpless to give up the dream of entrepreneurship.

the theme of the wedding is also very successful, people are very satisfied, regardless of force received · Sen suddenly found to give this love, "wedding planner let me find the business direction, but I need someone to join me, even at home against I also want to do." She said.

2015 in August, regardless of force and partner · Fatima; Sen Di Jian