How to realize the good faith management

although the "good faith" is the pursuit of countless people, many people are for such a goal, however, in the actual operation process of this to achieve such a goal, but plagued many operators. Mr Lu Xun said: "the quality of a great man is of great importance". If you want to do a good job in business, leaving a good reputation, it is necessary to be sincere in the heart, outside the letter in person. So, how to recruit customers, reputation from the letter? The author believes that the good faith to read "the three words".

one, heart magnanimous, sincere

do business as the person, only magnanimous mind, to show personal charm, which is full of care. To achieve a broad heart, it is necessary to be based on "honesty", as the saying goes, "do not worry about the people, the middle of the night knocking on the door is not surprised". In the retail business, the customer alike, honest, not a moment and integrity in the side, long stick to fruition".

a few days ago, after dinner, retail customers Zhang Guilin is looking at the newspaper tobacco companies released. Then, from the shop into a fat one thin thin two customers, buy two packs of Chinese soft. Walking out of the shop, opening the cigarette in his hand. For a moment, two angry back, beat the boss Zhang said he counters selling counterfeit cigarettes.

Zhang Guilin’s cigarette has been from the tobacco companies purchase, certainly not sell cigarettes, of course also emboldened enough. See Zhang did not admit that was reported by 110, fat hit tobacco management department. After a while, the two horses are all together, the tobacco came to the identification of people, is indeed counterfeit cigarettes. A fat man in high spirits, fake a penalty ten, Zhang Guilin lose two thousand dollars to stop them.

Zhang said the boss, it is impossible, I have a high grade cigarette smoke mark, if there is no mark, it is not my cigarette. Then he looked at the bottom of the cigarette case. It turned out that Lao Zhang at the bottom of each cigarette packet with a ballpoint pen to write a word, and the two cigarettes and no sign. Then, Lao Zhang in the counter took out the same section and other brands of cigarettes, each box has this mark.

Zhang said, high-grade cigarettes on their own profit thin, if the pit is a great loss. I did not earn these two packs of cigarettes a day, you said you are the two packs of cigarettes come from? Two people look silly eyes, while people do not pay attention to want to slip away, but the police came to catch the. It turned out that these two people are crooks, using this technique hundred test not good, a lot of pit business. Especially the operators, some unfair purchase channels in order to avoid trouble, most of the "private", also let crooks have tasted the sweetness, did not expect in the store but missed.

magnanimous heart, with sincerity, can not give the bad guys to drill holes, in order to provide better service for the good, but also make their own letter >