Zhengzhou Jinshui District for college students to build nests

now college students entrepreneurial activities by the help of the whole society and at the same time, social support, college students entrepreneurial activities but also help to solve the social problem of local employment, Zhengzhou jinshuiqu provides accommodation and office for college students entrepreneurship.

"bag" Park

"I have the technology, patent, there is no money." 2012 graduated from the Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Yang Guisong, recalled his entrepreneurial experience straight out of the blue, a place where there is no shelter". For many college graduates, office space is the primary problem.

last November by application, Yang Guisong settled in Zhengzhou jinshuiqu college business park, a one-stop office, completed business registration and other matters. He is currently working with the team to develop intelligent irrigation system has entered the promotion phase, according to the test, the water saving system of water saving per mu 80%, an increase of 10% ~ 20%.