How to join the chain stores

health has become a popular word in people’s mouth, whether it is now from the rise of China’s current sports wind or what? Health has become a widely accepted concept, in such a market demand, wugufang has become a trend to set up shop, you can see the high streets and back lanes every kind of wugufang here, let us to know about joining the grain store guide. Pursue pure, dedicated to the promotion and popularization of human healthy lifestyle.

Tip1 Market Research

market research is the most important grain stores step, we must first understand the market, after a detailed estimate, to consider investment, market research is the first step to study the consumption level of residents in the vicinity, such as the minimum wage, the distribution within a radius of 1.5 km of the super city, medical and health establishments, fitness facilities and the hospital, if these places are ideal operating conditions, then you do the grain stores is particularly promising.

Tip2 brand choice

a good brand is not limited to their network of good publicity, the size of the hardware, the number of employees. The most important is the credibility of the brand store. High credibility will bring a good reputation, and thus bring more customers. In the choice of brand must be field trips, after-sales service is also an important aspect.

Tip3 facade location

for the front position is essential to choose grain shop, choose the position to play the advantages of optimal allocation of resources, the health care industry, generally biased in the older population, we can measure the flow of people around, look within a certain period of time after the number, age how. For grain stores, such as near the store, near the District, near the hospital are relatively good location.

Tip4 investment scale

investment directly affects the recovery cycle of funds, to grasp the reason, first carefully analyze the profitability of products should be put before the general grain store or supermarket health health investment is 3 – 100 thousand, to grasp the degree of initial investment.

Tip5 employee training

employee training mainly includes product information training, standardized training, standardized language training, promotion concept training, emergency training, security awareness training, e-commerce training, etc.. The quality of the staff directly reflects the strength of a store or a brand.

Tip6 opening publicity