Wet king Huang Shiping 15 years of business empire

for wet wipes, we are not unfamiliar, but many people do not know, 15 years ago, the domestic market is still a blank field wipes, Huang Shiping early at the wealth territory, inserted the exclusive rich banner.

Life is about

this style, and the Polytechnic male identity Huang Shiping ifheavier.

1984 years, Huang Shiping graduated from Medical University Of Chongqing, teacher career flash, it is 8 years. According to Huang Shiping’s life planning, and a ferule textbook should be will accompany him to spend the rest of my life, but in 90s the rise of the tide, let Huang Shiping come quietly turning.

Comparison of the

after he Qizaotanhei, only slept 4 hours a day, in a strange field sales find doorways, others are not willing to do the work, he will receive. Less than two years later, Huang Shiping rose to sales manager.

do market and teach different, active market can easily be spun from a deeper desire for success. For Huang Shiping, the work has gradually become a springboard, want to establish their own kingdom, entrepreneurship is the only path. In 1996, Huang Shiping went on the road, the first agent hair products, after Japan’s Matsushita electronic products, the original accumulation of capital under the huge day after.