Hu Haiquan’s music war in the mobile Internet Era

you do not think that only we ordinary people to start a business, like a star to make money. Now, make more money than the entrepreneurial star performing the work. For example, Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei, Jay Chou, Quan Ren and so on, all because of his ring career earned a lot of money, and the band of Yu Quan’s famous too, they have attracted the attention of the mobile Internet market China, and has a number of investment projects.

"I’m not members of the association, 15 years, 90% songs are written by myself, I never get a penny and association. If you don’t pay the money, the concert will not work". Hu Haiquan said. />

6 years later, Hu Haiquan saw tremendous challenges and opportunities from the booming internet. Only sincere embrace and trust, will not be hit by the waves of the Internet ashore. Music operators to adapt to the times, we must change their business ideas."

2004, Hu Haiquan founded the EQ record company. He said: "the establishment of the company is not for profit, only as a test field of the music industry. The biggest difference between a
EQ and a traditional record company is trying to find a low cost, large scale cast for a large number of talented artists, "says />