Better food and beverage marketing skills more profitable

catering delicacy store, so many entrepreneurs choose, after all, hunger breeds discontentment, good prospects for the development of dining industry is obvious to people. However, many businesses in the success of the shop, are faced with a problem, how to make the business of the store becomes better? In fact, the necessary marketing skills are needed to master, as long as the use of good, open shop can be profitable, making money is not difficult. What are the marketing techniques? Come and see.

skills 1: think of ways to keep customers in the waiting area

For example,

can be set in the area of WeChat printing photos, WeChat game to earn points for gifts, free nails, film, etc.;

skills 2: eat lottery

If only

discount per table banquet at least have to let a few yuan, and a lottery just two dollars each, in contrast, consumers feel to himself not only two dollars, perhaps the chance of winning 5 million yuan. Can cooperate with nearby lottery sales points.

tips 3: slow down can improve the turn over rate of

most waiters will take back the dishes during the customer’s meal, in fact, this approach will affect the restaurant turn table. When customers see the dishes, not through the visual information to remind yourself to have how much to eat, the table plate full of visual information will tell the customer I have eaten a lot, imperceptibly will suggest themselves don’t eat anymore, I need to get up to the mall, yo.

tip 4: encourage consumers to use virtual currency

to encourage consumers to use credit card or Alipay or WeChat paid virtual currency instead of cash, can reduce consumers because of the use of too much cash and pain.

tip 5: increase the added value of

cashier can be placed on some warm copy, such as: for the people who love to pay, is a happy thing. Let customers feel that the money spent, in addition to fill the stomach, or a way of expressing love, customer payment pain will be reduced.

skills 6: play classical music to enhance consumption

According to the University of Leicester’s psychology study, playing classical music in a restaurant can encourage customers to spend more, because it makes them feel richer in

. At the same time, less refined pop music can lead to a reduction in the consumption of meals 10%.

skills 7: clever use of music to improve the turnover rate of