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steak consumption is now no longer a new thing for the people, the food and beverage market in a number of high-end projects are also taking the popularity of the route, and Western style steak restaurant is one of the larger projects. Of course, for now catering entrepreneurs to invest in a steak shop is a good choice. Steak shop to join the editorial recommendation yipinxian cattle steak for you. Yipinxian beef steak carey for consumers to create authentic western style steak, to meet the consumer’s psychological adventures, but also won the praise of the industry, joining the advantage is very outstanding.


fresh cattle steak

steak originated in Europe in the middle ages, the nobility is to enjoy the tribute, collocation pepper and spices from the East trade cooking together, and in the supply of special occasions, to highlight the owner’s distinguished identity. Now, the domestic diners gradually recognize the delicious steak, consumption rose year after year, becoming the new favorite food chasing men and women. One of the launch of the beef steak just perfect to meet the needs of the consumers, naturally very popular.

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investment management yipinxian cattle steak belongs (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. respected health, fashion and innovation, the company in food processing, catering, cooking training in one, humanistic management mode with modern business philosophy and the combination of Chinese and western, since 2009 the establishment of the outstanding catering techniques, perfect organization the structure and the keen market insight, became well-known in the catering market.

fresh bovine steak stores using natural energy, volcano rock Bakeware, smokeless, barbecue process can release trace elements of sodium and potassium, calcium, magnesium and zinc, the heating of the volcano releases energy ion mist would have a lot of grilled meat not charred, has more health effect. Also a good selection of Australia steak, a variety of natural seasoning material collocation, beef excellence; the content of protein, blood iron, vitamins, zinc, phosphorus and various amino acids such as a large number of elements needed by the body, comprehensive nutrition, health and wellness.

fresh cattle steak to join the project to break the high price of the steak Western-style food situation, low-priced products, the quality of enjoyment, high profits, consumers have affordable, the operators to make fun, affordable and very big profit of the project is a profitable project. In order to give consumers more unique delicious, we select the grain steak, fresh vegetables, fresh cattle collocation original sauce, fresh meat, juice aroma, fragrance soft waxy rice grains, eat a big appetite, lip color, exclaimed delicacy around the diners should only be the sky, earth is hard to find.

yipinxian join advantage:

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fresh bovine steak can be used to join headquarters and distribution of food.