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how to make money to open a restaurant? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the problem. In fact, you want to make money successy, each link can not be wrong. Whether it is the project, location, management and other details are very important. If you want to worry wealth, then choose the brand project is a good choice, hurry up.

The main features of

but Boston February is a religious vegetarian festival, so I developed fast before the characteristics of recipes, and advertising to promote. Attracted many diners. As a result, this month will be the best month for restaurants. This type of marketing can be suitable for all types of enterprises, as long as the promotion of the unique and interesting, can attract customers.

you need to talk to you and your employees. They know more about what others do than you do, as they believe you are listening to what they say, and they will tell you many things you should know. Like, "I saw a new employee, Li Si, in the dressing room".


in the restaurant every day, there will be many problems emerge, and you have no time to solve them. Many problems seem urgent, but they are not so serious. So I like a madman in operation for many years, finally learned when all these annoying problems emerge when encounter, is to seize the main contradiction, give priority to deal with important issues. You must learn to overcome the problem of trying to solve all the problems at once. < / recommendation