What are taboo of venture capital

venture capital in the current although has become a lot of people’s choice, however, the complexity of the market, I believe many people are also very clear. Therefore, if you want to do a good job related to the nature of the industry also need a lot of attention in the taboo. In short, venture capital is a complex process, if entrepreneurs can not be a reasonable investment, there may be the following business sequelae.

venture capital Taboo — looking for over weak partners

: in order to have more entrepreneurial sequelae of the "voice" in cooperation projects, enjoy it all, two years ago, in a well-known paper factory abandoned investment institutions and many large enterprises have the strength and opportunities for cooperation, and decided to discuss cooperation with a small business, a joint venture the new project.

who is expected to cooperate in the implementation of the project is nearing completion, the sudden emergence of an unexpected situation – the sewage project acceptance of the project failed, the need to invest a sum of money to transform. This is a paper mill put forward reconstruction funds shared sewage project to partner, but the other did apologize to them, say they do this project is hard enough, then was unable to come up with more money.

the paper mill had to turn to the bank for a loan, but the amount of money it needed was still a considerable distance from the project. The paper mill is looking for other partners to solve the funding problem. The newly found partner wants the original partner to quit the project, while the latter is determined not to quit. Three parties deadlocked, the final paper mill had to reluctantly give up the project.

who want to say, everyone wants to be the master, but the owner is not who can be, not everyone can be good, the boss means more pay and greater responsibility.

entrepreneurs seeking partners in the pursuit of the right to speak, but the weak partner may be when you need it, you can not give timely and effective help, but may make some of the more powerful potential partners hesitant, discard you, make you lose more opportunities.

venture capital Taboo — small horse cart

venture sequela: Wang Ping for their investment projects for the electromagnetic oven of confidence, he believes that this project will bring him a lot of money income, plus the relationship, he is an easy job to do from the bank set to a large amount of money, more confident. He is very timid, Xiaodaxiaonao despise colleagues look, thought to do a big, this attitude makes him forget their ability to resist risks of the enterprise.

he just want to expand the scale of investment, the stall shop more and more, even on the two production lines. Enterprise negative