Li Xiaosong,, China and South Korea to support the participation of the proposed satellite Qinghai S

attended the twelve session of the National People’s Congress of the province’s three meeting on behalf of Li Xiaosong, Wang Yubo,, Connaught satellite proposal to support the construction of the Silk Road in Qinghai economic zone. That
the proposal said, according to the actual situation in the province, Qinghai province will be in support of the state, for the construction of the country "Silk Road Economic Belt" framework, give full play to our province in the zone on the Silk Road economic advantage, cultural advantage, resource advantage, expand the opening to the west, to promote the construction of cooperation mechanism and mutual benefit a win-win situation, to strengthen trade and economic cooperation, strengthen cultural and tourism cooperation, accelerate the construction of channels, base construction, platform construction, focus on the East and West, south of the northern extension of the open economy as a strategic channel, Silk Road Economic Belt the important fulcrum of the construction work, the Silk Road Economic Belt become the main front Qinghai opening to the West and promote the economic development of the province’s new growth pole. At the same time, the corresponding planning of the province in the near future, medium and long-term goals, and is in accordance with the objectives of the steady and orderly manner to promote related work. However, there are still some difficulties in the integration of the Silk Road Economic Zone in Qinghai, due to the actual situation of underdeveloped provinces, relying on its own difficult to effectively solve.