Internet invasion of college entrance examination economy

whenever the college entrance examination, there will be a variety of economic behavior, which is called the college entrance examination economy. The college entrance examination mentioned economy, people first thought is probably the real entrance exam training, hot, on tourism, but now the Internet also invaded the entrance to the economy.

Before the

"experimental high school, Beijing, Dalian, some simulation questions focus on high school simulation to do a lot," just attended the college entrance examination this year, the Dalian examinee Luyang breathed a sigh of relief. In his opinion, although not all of these questions is the school of Dalian and Liaoning area, but do, rich with all kinds of questions, there are still a lot of help for their college entrance examination. "I heard that Baidu has launched a test of APP, I have the next one, tonight go back to try to estimate how many points."

the Gufen, voluntary reporting, part of the site there are still in the initial stage, candidates can Gufen according to the examination of the situation of their own, simulation, voluntary reporting according to Gufen case estimates, you can always see the other candidates for the goal of school voluntary reporting, and adjust their final plan.

"the Internet products and highly targeted related software, according to the content and function of different charges and free." Dalian, a key high school teacher in charge of the class teacher told reporters, such as some elite exercises many students will use their spare time to do some of the more valuable questions students will be willing to pay.