Xining Municipal Bureau of Taxation to strengthen grassroots research

recently, Liu Weiying, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Bureau of Taxation, deputy director of the 6 line of people to the West District of Xining IRS investigation work. Research by listening to the work report, in-depth field research, conversation. West District tax bureau party secretary Comrade Zhang Zhongdao on behalf of the IRS west district party, made a report to the IRS West District to implement the Qinghai provincial IRS Rao chief research speech and system implementation activities and excel 10 contents.

Liu Weiying and other leaders of the requirements of the Western District of the IRS to further strengthen the ranks of cadres, to stimulate the vitality of cadres, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the cadres of the. To pay close attention to the implementation of the system, enhance the implementation of the system. To strengthen the assessment mechanism to ensure the implementation of internal control mechanism. At the same time focus on the overall planning to ensure the completion of the annual task. To strengthen the organization construction, system construction and style building, to better complete the tax publicity, government information and research work. (author: Shang Yong)