The world’s seven carpet businessmen will gather in the summer

to "exchange, cooperation, innovation and development" as the theme of the 2013 China (Qinghai) International Carpet Exhibition will be held from June 20th to 24, the Provincial Department of Commerce after nearly 8 months of preparation, the current work is ready, as of now, Turkey more than 30 countries and regions participating merchants. 620 booths will feature world-class carpet, domestic and foreign customers will be more than 5000 people.

it is understood that, compared with the previous Tibetan carpet exhibition, this year the Tibetan Carpet Exhibition more prominent handmade crafts, with all kinds of handmade carpets, woven carpets, tapestries, raw and auxiliary materials, Tibetan culture and art as the main content, on display at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center A, B Museum, a total of 800 international standard booths indoor among them, domestic and foreign booth 350, booth 270, spot booth 180, participants will be more than 5000 people.


exhibition hall set up 8 areas, respectively: domestic handmade carpets, woven carpets exhibition area; foreign handmade carpets, woven carpet carpet, tapestry exhibition area; boutique exhibition area; Tibetan culture exhibition area; Tibetan carpet exhibition will ten years; business service area; service area; catering leisure area.


to promote the province has a long history of Tibetan culture, the exhibition will also focus on Tibetan cultural exhibition and exchange, deepen the national characteristic industry in international exchanges and cooperation, and show Chinese Tibetan carpet industry Tibetan carpet exhibition 10 years of development results. The exhibition will take the Qinghai Tibetan carpet exhibition ten anniversary as an opportunity to review the development process from 2004 start date, from the expansion of scale, innovation connotation, optimize the structure, enhance the level of full range, showcase the fruits of development China Tibetan carpet industry and Tibetan carpet exhibition ten years. In order to fully display the splendid history and culture of Qinghai Province, Tibetan, Tibetan culture to further promote exchanges and cooperation, and constantly enrich the connotation of the Department of commerce exhibition, innovation exhibition, the exhibition will add Duitou, Thangka, Tibetan furniture, jewelry, Tibetan Buddhist supplies, Tibetan costumes, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan wine and other national specialty products exhibition. In addition, the exhibition will be the first exhibition of Turkey, so far, the world’s seven major producer of carpet will gather in the summer. Up to now, has been implemented in 8 countries of Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, Turkey, Mongolia, Germany and other countries nearly 100 exhibitors, the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, Australia, Japan and other countries and regions, more than 30 of the buyers will. (author: Fang Xu)