Xining city to declare war on the city of dust, 5 hard hard implementation of the provisions of good

Dust control is one of the highlights of the province’s air pollution control. In order to effectively improve the quality of the air environment, Xining city for the construction unit to develop 5 "hard" provisions of the "100%". Such hard provisions after more than a year of hard execution good results. In the first quarter, the average price of dust in Xining dropped from 21.90 yuan per square kilometer per month last year, down to $17.65 per square kilometer per year this year, a decline of up to 19.41%.According to the report on the "

project" analysis of particulate sources in Xining City, the main pollution source for city dust, coal dust, soil dust, vehicle exhaust, construction dust, electrolytic aluminum and steel dust, the dust pollution in the city reached 30.9%.

declared war on urban dust, control surface source is the key. Thus, the establishment of the Xining municipal construction site construction site fence, 100% road 100%, 100% water, hardening the demolition project site 100% muck truck rinse and airtight transportation, not the development of the site 100% green or covering 5 per cent of mandatory construction units. Accordingly, the construction of 447 family in Xining City, one by one rectification, 138 construction dust pollution were shut down for rectification, and complete the large parking lot of 32 households, 4 households closed hardening, hardening of 68 30 thousand square meters of the main and auxiliary road junction, covering about 3000000 square meters.

to the city of dust spray dust into the war, the provincial capital of the new landscape. Xining city purchased 20 sanitation cleaning, watering vehicles, made "the road dust suppression sprinkler (spray), and cleaning the grid management plan", the city’s focus on road sweeping and cleaning and watering dust standard. According to statistics, the city of Xining, 84 vehicles into the sprinkler, sprinkler road 233, road dust pollution has been effectively curbed.

addition, Xining introduced a modification of closed 630 muck truck, and completed the municipal muck vehicle GPS monitoring platform and 570 car vehicle GPS monitoring installation, and in the main urban road entrance to the establishment of the 11 vehicle checkpoints, 24 hours a day and night to check.

China Environmental Monitoring Station of the latest data show that in March this year, China’s 74 cities in the ambient air quality rankings, Xining ranked in the first place in the northwest of the provincial capital of five cities in the first place.