Xining City, 3 people crossing the bridge completed lifting

on the evening of January 20th, is located in Wuyi Road Pedestrian Overpass steel crane hoisting completed, so far, the 3 pedestrian overpass under construction has been completed all lifting.

it is understood that the Xining city in the construction of 3 pedestrian bridge located in 51 Road, west gate door, water conservancy department ward (Lane Xishan), after the lifting of the past 10 days, the ongoing guardrail and deck surfacing welding. In addition to the west gate of Huade footbridge, Department of water conservancy of Kunlun Road (Lane Xishan) pedestrian bridge and 51 intersection pedestrian bridge construction has aroused the concern of the public. Department of water resources (Lane Xishan) around the living area is more densely populated, while Kunlun West Road is wide, pedestrian crossing the road there is a big security risk, the construction of the bridge not only further improve the road traffic capacity, but also can eliminate the potential safety hazard. It is understood that the flyover bridge length of 51.5 meters, the bridge width of 4 meters. Pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Wuyi Road and 71 Road intersection, the peak traffic flow, pedestrian intensive. The construction of the main bridge is 27 meters long, the bridge deck width of 4 meters.

at the same time, is located in building 54 Street Thailand Department Store in front of the pedestrian bridge girder is being shipped to the Xining Road, the construction unit will also immediately put in place after the start of construction, and strive to put into use as soon as possible. (author: Zhao Linsong)