Xining small and micro enterprises to open a green channel for loans

Recently, jointly organized by the municipal government, Municipal Agricultural Bank of Xining city innovation support small and micro enterprises financing work officially started, 3 million yuan loan financing will be the first to support Xining and then start 3 small and micro enterprises.

innovation to support small and micro enterprises financing is put forward in the municipal government to promote financial capital and financial capital integration, driven by financial capital effective investment ideas under the guidance of the Municipal Finance and finance office and other relevant departments to improve and innovate our city to support small and micro enterprise development financing measures. Qinghai Lantian breeding Co., Ltd. and other 3 companies respectively, and rural commercial bank, Cheng Rui financing Guarantee Corporation signed a loan contract and the guarantee contract to obtain financing loans.

It is reported that

, the city "on the innovation to support small and micro enterprise financing advice" and "medium and small micro enterprise loan risk pool fund management approach" and other relevant supporting measures to guide and support the small and micro enterprise development, establishes the policy basis to support and promote the development of the city’s small and micro enterprises to solve the financing difficulties. At the same time, to increase efforts to support the establishment of the risk pool of funds, loan spreads, the guarantee fee mechanism of government subsidies, reduce the cost of financing and guarantee fee ratio, innovation guarantee mode, help to further play the amplification effect of fiscal funds, break the small micro enterprise financing bottlenecks, creating financing environment conducive to the development of enterprises, and gradually foster a batch of competitive start-up and growth of small and micro enterprises. (author: Xiao Yu)