Full response to natural disasters to increase income

Since October 10th, the province since Hainan, Haibei, Xining, 2008 the first snowfall process, to the agriculture and animal husbandry production in some areas affected. For possible this winter and spring weather disasters, recently, our Province Department of agriculture and animal husbandry arrangements for disaster prevention in current and future agricultural disaster reduction work. It is understood that the local agricultural sector will comprehensively strengthen the cohesion and the meteorological departments, pay close attention to the extreme weather conditions, once the occurrence of freezing weather, will be launched the emergency response mechanism, timely grasp of disaster losses, to carry out disaster relief work; to speed up the new greenhouse koupeng schedule, ensure efficient production, improve the vegetable planting rate, stable market supply; urge Xining, Haidong and other places to carry out work for the autumn mulching, soil frozen before the completion of 1 million acres of film task; urge Yushu, Guoluo, Huangnan three, and strive to complete the tasks before the end of November, to ensure the safety of winter livestock and livestock slaughter, increase efforts to foster the lambing in production safety work; and combined with the tractor inspection, to carry out agricultural equipment safety hazards special investigation, the investigation of the hidden dangers of accidents, itemized by Rectification to eliminate the adverse effects of freezing rain and snow weather on agricultural machinery operation. In addition, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry will comprehensively strengthen agricultural and livestock products price monitoring, focus on potatoes, beef and mutton, vegetables and other agricultural products sales, increase agricultural and livestock production and marketing efforts to promote the income of farmers and herdsmen.