Supervise the work of Cordyceps health food

in order to further regulate the production and management of Cordyceps health food production in our province, crack down on the field of health food illegal propaganda, sales of counterfeit and shoddy products, and effectively protect public health and safety. Provincial Food and Drug Administration recently deployed in the province to carry out a month of Cordyceps health food special supervision and inspection work.
the special supervision and inspection work focus on the production and operation of enterprises involved in Cordyceps mycelium, mycelium of Paecilomyces hepialid "health food is approved by the formulation of the organization of production, labeling and health food approval certificate is consistent, the operator whether the existence of false information, sales of counterfeit Cordyceps health food and other illegal acts, without examination and approval after examination and approval and tampering with the advertising content is exaggerated false propaganda and other aspects of full coverage of the supervision and inspection. In accordance with the requirements of the provincial food and drug administration, the State Bureau of the province’s cities, to have Cordyceps health food safety hazards of the product, will be sealed, the shelf, the enterprise shall be ordered to recall and to supervise the destruction of illegal; if the circumstances are serious, to not approved or unauthorized tampering with advertising content approval issued false and illegal advertising. To carry out administrative warning according to law, and ordered rectification deadline; not for rectification, to take measures to suspend the sale of its products.