North District Women’s Federation to four to promote the establishment of the region’s peace family

in recent years, women’s federations at all levels of the region to build a "harmonious civilized family" as the starting point, to create a civilized and harmonious family environment and enhance family awareness as the focus, to carry out the "four grasping" to promote family activities to create peace.
a grasp of family virtue construction, promote peace to create a family. Through the development of a good mother, good wife recommended selection of some healthy, popular sports activities, the respect for the old, neighborhood relations, social security, family planning and other content into activities, and guide the family members to improve the ideological and moral quality, improve the living environment, improve the quality of life, enhance safety awareness, mobilize the masses to participate in the enthusiasm, to create a safe at the same time, enrich people’s amateur cultural life, to achieve the entertaining effect, effectively promote the "Green family" activities to create depth.
two grasping family cultural construction, promote peace to create a family. By carrying out the recommended municipal "ten Nvjie", "38", "the most beautiful mother’s Federation" and "harmonious family" and "pacesetters" and "Shuangxue Shuangbi mistress" and "women’s civilization Gang" and "women’s demonstration village" and other activities, in the whole society to establish a new the image of the new period, outstanding women. At the same time, jointly create city office, how do carry out family culture and art festival activities, organize and mobilize more families to participate, to promote family harmony.
three grasp the construction of grass-roots women’s civilization fitness team, promote peace to create a family. The formation of grassroots women’s civilization fitness team "," the spread of civilization, purifying environment, serve the people, dedication of love "as the main function, the festival and the slack time, self-directed and performed art programs, promote the dissemination of scientific ideas, enrich people’s life. At present, has created two national women’s civilization fitness team, this year, in the women’s Federation Organization under the guidance of named 3 District Women’s civilization fitness team". The fitness team by carrying out various activities to solve women’s ideological problems and practical difficulties, to educate and guide for women and women’s services, social services combined, not only occupied the women’s leisure activities and positions, becoming a force to create a safe home, really played a leading role model driven.
four grasping family commitments, promote peace to create a family. District Women’s Federation District comprehensive management office and carry out the "family refuse cult" activities, the printing of the north area of the family refused cult commitment card ", the family contracted more than 80%, establish refused to cult awareness among family members, which greatly promoted the peace family construction. As of the end of 2011, the region has created a safe family 57637, the creation rate of 90.8%.